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Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

Cultured: Cultured stone is light weight man made stone. Good option when no foundation is available. Cultured stone is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Natural Stone: One of the most popular masonry materials. Available in multiple shapes, sizes, textures, colors. There is also this natural stone can be used when there is not a foundation or enough structure to support full size stone. It is good for refinishing fireplaces and remodeling because it is lighter than regular natural stone and come in the same varieties.

Brick: Favorite for exterior renovations and applications. Brick has always been the favorite for exterior renovations. It can be used for many applications. Available in multiple shapes, sizes, colors.

Thin Brick: Gives the real book look but doesn't require the the structural support full size brick does. Good option for remodeling, interior walls, where there is no foundation. It can applied right over a wall as it is thin and light weight. It is available in all the same shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

Exterior Renovations:

Exterior Renovations

This our specialty. There are a lot of companies that just do stone. We give free estimates and design services. We can change the exterior of your home. If you have stucco or siding and want something else. We can remove and replace wit brick and or stone. We can recover fireplaces. We can get samples of materials. We can help you renovate the exterior of the house just the way you want it. If your exterior is old and worn out or damaged we can upgrade the exterior of the home to make it look new.

EIFS Replacement: There are a lot of problems with this home covering and moisture. We recommend that you use brick, stone, or siding to resolve these issues. We come give free estimate. We help with the design. We will remove the materials and repair the the moisture damage. We use a combo of brick or stone on the from of the house and cedar or concrete fiber board. We can help you redesign the exterior of you home. Benefit is no moisture issues, up to date design, less maintenance.

Exterior Maintenance:

Exterior Maintenance

People do not realize there are no maintenance free building exteriors. We help home owners, building owner, property managers maintenance. We do tuckpointing for maintenance for brick mortar. We can replace caulk, we can help stop moisture, masonry sealing, pressure washing, and the cleaning of surfaces.

Masonry Fireplaces: Fireplaces are the focal point of any home. We can build them from scratch or reface your existing fireplace. We can recover with stone the most popular type of recovering. It will bring a new refreshed view to your home. We can build our of stone or brick.

Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces:

Improve your outdoor living experience with a new outdoor fireplace or kitchen made from masonry. We can build freestanding fireplaces and outdoor kitchens as one piece or separate pieces. We can insert BBQ or smoker, or a grill and has a look of an outdoor kitchen.